Friday, April 8, 2011

Dearest Bernina...

My dear Bernina,

My darling, I hereby publish this tale of shame as penance for my recent unfaithful dalliance with Singer. You know you have always been #1 in my book, but I was enticed by the decorative stitches. THE DECORATIVE STITCHES!! I know, I should not have faltered, but it was only $120, and I thought, "If Martha (Stewart) endorses it, AND it's at Costco, it can't be too bad, right?" I should have known better; I should have realized that cheap generally means cheap. Ryan tried to tell me, but the temptation, oh the temptation! It was too great.

I have to admit, I could tell the quality was sub par as soon as I lifted her out of the box, but in my fever for the blanket stitch I threw caution to the wind and ignored my intuition. (Besides, it was only $120; one has to expect plastic, right?) We began. I sewed. Hit a small snag. Not a big one, I could deal with that. Oh, and another. But wait! what was that spot? Surely not oil. No, just on the underside, a good cleaning and we were off again. Oh! huge tangle of thread on the underside; the tension hasn't changed here, what's the issue? Set the stitch. Start again. We are almost done, just one more applique to sew..and...yes...almost dies. What. What? What?! Well, I guess I should have known better. Burned by the Singer. Fickle plastic with unsupportable promises.

And now I am left with shame and regret. But I publicly renounce her. She is out of my life now, Bernina; I returned her and everything. I don't even look at her in the store as I pass by anymore. I am no longer tempted by her promises of decorative utopia. And I make you this promise: I will remain faithful and pledge to exercise patience for the day that I can afford your decorative stitches. Only Bernina for me from now until forever. Just don't sell out, my sweet and go plastic. One day, one day, you will be mine.

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