Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ok, so it's been awhile...

Wow. Where did those 2 weeks go?! We have had double ear infections, an ear wax impaction (eww), a cracked tooth, sprained thumb, family members needing love, a birthday, a school program, and a hospital stay in the last couple of weeks. Sheesh. Sorry for the neglect here, but, obviously, I have been needed elsewhere.

So I have been thinking lately about what makes our lives significant. I mean, after we are gone, what will we have accomplished that will scream, "I am better because that person touched me in a significant way." I have been listening to the Wicked soundtrack, and "For Good" really resonates with me. Do people change for the better from knowing me? Or do they just change?

I think of my parents, and how very, very many people have been changed or at least influenced for the better because of how they live their lives. I am inspired to live like them, having generosity of spirit, means and knowledge. I suppose now I just have to acquire some more knowledge. :)

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  1. Oh the life a mom! So crazy, I hope everyone is feeling better! Are you okay? Just worryin' about my girl! and yes you did influence me! I love you and am grateful to have another kindred spirit!