Thursday, February 24, 2011

I love the Dollar Stores

Recently my mother and I were passing a shopfront that said, "Coming Soon: Dollar Tree." She sighed and said, "Yes, because what we need is another dollar store." I laughed inside myself, because I LOVE DOLLAR STORES!! I have found the greatest things for, yes, a buck. Some things you can get at a better deal other places, not gonna lie, but I love knowing that if I am in a pinch and need a vinyl table cover in black, it's just waiting for my little George Washington. I am hooked on their puzzles, too--500 piece puzzles for a BUCK. Nice. And it doesn't matter if Bitty Girl pulls it apart while I am in the bathroom and loses 5 pieces, because it was...all together now...A BUCK. And then I can donate the pieces to the Kindergarten class for crafts.

Last night Little Girl, Bitty Girl and I were shopping while the boys and Daddy were watching The Jimmer in the Marriott Center (another post for another day--go Cougars!!), and we found these repositionable stickers. We bought them and promptly came home and decorated a space in the girls' room next to the closet.

How cute is that?! We had previously embellished the other wall with these butterflies when making the flower fairy garland that hangs over their beds.

Little Girl liked leaving the ribbons hanging down, so we didn't trim them. Bitty Girl loves to look at this as she goes to sleep. We run a fan when she sleeps as a noise blocker, and it makes the fairies sway, sort of like a mobile.

So I have decided to put as many dollar store crafts on here as possible. Anyone who knows me (or my husband) knows that I LOVE deals. It makes finding the perfect thing just that much better, knowing you got it at a deal. So, Mom, sorry to disappoint, but I will probably hit that dollar store someday, and who knows? I might even find something for your house.


  1. That room is pretty darn cute! Also, I think that I had that EXACT same daybed when I was younger. I LOVED it!

  2. So cute, Em! You are so awesome!