Friday, August 10, 2012

Birthday Box

Extended family birthdays.  I think I might be the WORST EVER at celebrating them in a timely manner.  I had my sister's birthday present for months--MONTHS--sitting on my dresser.  (Actually purchased way in advance, I decided to wait until closer to her birthday to mail it.  I wanted it to arrive on her birthday, silly me.)  Slowly, we accumulated gifts for other members of the family, with the rationale, "Well, I can't send X a present when it is closest to Y's birthday..."  Slowly, presents for other members of her family were added to my pile, until finally I said, "Enough!"  And the Birthday Box was born.

The kids and I went out and purchased presents for each remaining member of the family, opting to do them all in one fell swoop.  We wrapped them, wrote cards, and put it all in a box with inflated water balloons in place of packing peanuts.  (The water balloons were sans water, of course!)  We added some ribbon confetti and then sealed it up.  

We covered the top with a 12x12 birthday themed paper, addressed it, and sealed it in with packing tape to make it waterproof...and took it RIGHT to the Post Office.

My nephew was very gracious about receiving his A Christmas Story themed sleep pants in the spring (sorry, Mace--it is a much funnier gift during the Christmas season), and I think the whole family loved the out-of-the-blue "we love you" from far-away cousins.  I think this is how we will do all family birthdays now.  Pick a month for each family and send a party box.  Who doesn't love that?!

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