Thursday, August 9, 2012

Places to Go--the Kohl's Children's Museum

A few months ago a friend introduced me to the Kohl's Children's Museum in Glenview, IL.  Bitty Girl and I met up with them one day while The Olders were at school, and she loved it!!  

They have 16 permanent exhibits and 4 temporary ones for the kids to explore.  We loved listening and playing in Music Makers, hopping around Nature Explorers, building and painting at the Hands on House, exploring water currents (and getting wet) in the Water Works, watching new baby chicks toddle around Eggs to Chicks, and making our own utensil art in the Adventures in Art exhibit.  We also grabbed a pizza in the Cosi Cafe at lunch time before checking out all the fun stuff in the Gift Shop.

 I think the museum beautifully connects with their target audience of younger kids.  There is a great mix of "jump in and do" for toddlers/preschoolers accompanied by written explanations and exploration questions for the slightly older crowd.  That said, I don't think either of my boys would have enjoyed it too much, being tweens, but I am sure Little Girl would love it.  We left several exhibits unexplored, such as the Dominick's grocery store, Baby Nursery and Pet Vet, that I am sure Bitty Girl would have loved.  

So, the Snippy Snaps rating for the Kohl's Children's Museum is . . .5 stars!!!

I found it really easy to get to, conveniently just off of I-94, and parking was free!!  We were able to come in on our friend's pass, so the price was great, too.  :)  (Currently, adults and kids over 1 are $9.50, which doesn't seem bad for a once-in-a-while kind of thing, unless we bring the whole clan.  Annual Membership is $100.)  Overall, I think this is definitely a candidate for a year membership venue, especially if you pay the extra $10 and get the reciprocity benefits from other children's museums in the area.  Definitely a good day.

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