Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DIY Coasters

I don't know about you, but my kitchen counters are constantly full of cups.  Water cups, milk cups, morning cups, dinner cups, more water cups--makes me crazy!  In an effort to contain the cups, we all made our own coasters, plus a few extra for guests.

DIY Coasters

  Tiles {My 3.5 squares were on clearance for 30 cents each!}
  Paper Trimmer
  Mod Podge {Ignore the white glue!!  More on this later...}
  Foam Brushes
  Cork or rubber feet for the bottom

We also employed the Slice Fabrique to get shapes and letters, but stickers or scissors work, too!

1.  Cut paper squares just smaller than your tile.  My tiles were rough on the edges instead of flat the whole way across, and I liked how the edge framed the paper.  You can also opt to take the paper right to the edge of your tile.

2.  Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the tile.  If you use too much, you will soak your paper, so be careful! Let it tack up a bit, then lay your paper on top.  Give it another coat.  Let dry.  Repeat for each new paper layer.

A note here about the glue.  I had run out of Mod Podge (eek!) and so thought I would try using watered down Elmer's instead.  It seemed to work fine at first, but over the next few days, things deteriorated.  The tiles got sticky and the paper would come off on the wet cup bottoms.  So, use Mod Podge.

3.  Add a layer of cork or adhesive felt buttons on the bottom to keep the coasters from scratching the furniture.  Voila!

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